We regret that many of our blends are no longer available as we have lost McClelland Tobacco as a supplier, since thier recent closing.
We are working on tobacco blends to replace those we have "lost", but this will take some time. For now, we do not have: Raven, Christmas Morning, Chocolate Mousse, His Master's Choice, Hastings, Georgetown Flake, Jabberwocke and Bud's Mixture. We still have some tins of Berkeburley. Note that we are also out of all McClelland branded tobacco tins.

Please note new store hours:
11:00 to 8:00, Monday to Wednesday
11:00 to 9:00, Thursday
11:00 to 10:00, Friday and Saturday
12:00 to 8:00, Sunday

PLEASE NOTE: MasterCard has stopped processing on line transactions for tobacco products. This was not our decision. We are still happy to accept Visa and American Express orders.